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Foundation Grants and Scholarships

The purpose of the AAOHN Foundation is accomplished is by advancing knowledge in occupational and environmental health through the awarding of grants and scholarships to occupational and environmental health professionals to support ongoing education and research. This is made possible by the generous contributions of our sponsors.

Deadline to apply for scholarships:  December 1
AAOHN Foundation Scholarships Page
The cycle for 2016 scholarships has ended. Please check back in the Fall to download the 2017 Scholarship Packet. 

Deadline to apply for grants: July 1

AAOHN Foundation Grants Page  
AAOHN Foundation 2016 Grants Packet

Every day occupational health nurses are given opportunity to provide the best services possible. The vitality of the profession and the success of outcomes we strive for in the workplace are directly linked to the quality of Occupational Health Nursing research and advancement.  The best ideas for improvement often come from our peers- those who have “worked in the trenches”. The AAOHN Foundation provides opportunities for professional and leadership development to individuals at various stages of their careers. 

Whether you are an individual, chapter or corporation, you can nurture improvements in the workforce and workplace through a partnership with the AAOHN Foundation. The AAOHN Foundation fulfills the mission of the AAOHN by supporting Occupational Health Nurses committed to advancing the greater understanding of occupational environmental health.

AAOHN Foundation Grant funding is dedicated to initiatives that:

  • target needs identified,
  • supports collaboration with our industry partners. 
  • strengthens the profession of occupational health as a national and global discipline,
  • promotes best practices,
  • nurtures tomorrow’s leaders.

Why donate to the Foundation-- see outcomes  

For more information contact the AAOHN Foundation National Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .