Adult Immunization Research Grant Funded by GlaxoSmithKline

GSK 2013 Grant Recipient-1

   2012 Recipient:    Yolanda Lang

Testimonial: “Employees who have contact with agents which are classified as BSL – 3 and for which a vaccine currently exists MUST receive the vaccine to maintain their position within the University setting. The investigators developed and implemented an educational program. The grant will be utilized to evaluate the effectiveness of the educational program, provide feedback to the researchers as to changes needed to improve the program and will provide a template for further educational endeavors dealing with these and other agents both at the University of Pittsburgh and other research institutions using similar agents.”

Research Project: Evaluation and Continuing Improvement of the University of Pittsburgh’s Mandatory Vaccination Education Program: Examining the Relationship between Age, Sex, and Education Level and Education Retention

New Investigator Research Grants Funded by Medique Products

AAOHN-F 2014 Medique Grant

2014 Recipient: Julia Bass

Testimonial: "I am honored to receive the 2014 New Investigator Research Grant sponsored by Medique Products. The research project that I will complete, thanks to this generous support, will help to understand associations between occupational stress and obesity among hospital working nurses. Occupational stress is potentially modifiable, and if it is associated with obesity among nurses, effective work-related solutions can be developed to support nurses’ health.

As a doctoral student in Occupational Health Nursing, at the early stage of my career, I am extremely thankful to Medique Products and to the AAOHN Foundation."

Research Project: Occupational Stress and Obesity in Hospital-based Female Nurses

Medique Research Grant Recipient

2013 Recipient: Dal Lae Chin

Testimonial: "The purpose of the proposed study is to identify chemical-related health symptoms, occupational injuries, work environments, and personal protective behaviors among Korean-American drycleaners. The findings of this study will provide the scientific basis for the development of more effective occupational health and safety training program strategies to reduce chemical exposure and to increase preventive behaviors among Korean drycleaners. Specifically, the findings of this project will make a significant contribution to developing culturally-integrated occupational safety programs for minority workers in the drycleaning industry."

Research Project: Chemical Exposure & Personal Protective Behaviors in Korean-American Drycleaners


Hunter Keys

Testimonial: "Put simply, without the support of the AAOHN Foundation and Medique, we would not be here! This project is part of a longstanding research and service-learning academic partnership here in the Dominican Republic. In supporting this research project, the AAOHN Foundation – Medique New Investigator Research Grant ensures the continuation of a productive and enriching cross-cultural nursing partnership.
The research team, composed of four graduate students from Emory University, is very thankful for the support that the AAOHN Foundation and Medique have provided them. We hope that the research award will continue to support projects conceived and executed by new investigators. Such experiences have immeasurable personal and professional benefits to all involved!"   

Research Project: WASH behaviors in migrant Hatian-Dominican communities in the Dominican Republic 

New Investigator Research Grants Funded by Kelly Services

AAOHN-F 2014 Kelly Services Grant

Karen Mastroianni was unable to attend the AAOHN Awards Breakfast. Pictured left to right: Margie Matsui, AAOHN Foundation Chair,
Pam Burnette, Director Healthcare Product for Kelly Services, and Pam Carter, AAOHN President

2014 Recipient:  
Karen Mastroianni

Testimonial: "The purpose of this project is to update a previous document from the Success Tools titled “Measuring and Articulating Value.” The document has been an excellent resource on determining the cost benefit of occupational health nurse (OHN) services; however, it was originally published in 1998 and has not been updated since.
Occupational health nurses are in a key position to improve employee well-being, work conditions, safety, and injury/illness treatment as well as make a substantial impact on business cost drivers. To accomplish this, OHNs must align occupational health service as a business strategy and demonstrate the value of the OHN services. It is necessary to position OHN value as contributing to and supporting the mission of the organization plus demonstrating outcomes. Employee’s benefit by receiving the best services with positive outcomes. This requires not merely performing the roles and responsibilities to the highest quality standards, but documenting and communicating the outcome of services delivered (Mastroianni & Machles, 2013). This revised tool will serve as a guide for demonstrating value and positioning OHN services as improving employee health and safety; as well as essential components for business success, profits and cost savings."

Research Project: Methods for Demonstrating Value of OHN

Kelly Services Research Grant Recipient

 2013 Recipient:  
Nicole Shaffer

Testimonial: "This research will assist occupational health nurses and facilities in identifying and planning appropriate staffing models and ratios based on the activities and needs of the organization. It will also assist those in determining the staff make up and provide justification to senior leadership on the value and appropriateness of occupational health professionals. By having one tool set as the tool of choice for AAOHN many facilities and occupational health staff globally will be able to benefit from the findings."

Research Project: OHN Staffing Model Development

Kelly Services 2013 Grant Recipient-1

  2012 Recipient:   Chad Rittle

Research Project: Tdap: The Need to Educate and Immunize