AAOHN has over 90 chapters across the continental U.S., and joining an AAOHN Chapter is a great way to stay connected to OHNs in your area. Click on your U.S. state below to see more information about each AAOHN Chapter.

Texas State Chapters

Texas State

San Antonio, TX
Melinda F. Cordova, BSN, RN, COHN/CM


Texas Local Chapters

Austin Texas

Dues amounts: $25/year for Regular Members (who join National

Local chapter dues (if not joining AAOHN or TSAOHN): $40 per year, expiring December 31st

Member Benefits: Discounted rate for CE days, social events, and holiday dinner party

Current Board Leadership

President: Patricia Z Hill
Treasurer: Patricia Hill & Sandy Bruskewitz
Secretary/Membership: Carmela Hubler
Director 1 (Awards): Christy Latiolais Marcia Fowler
Director 2 (Nurse Planners): Leadership Team
Director 3 (Communications): Sherel Knesel
Director 4 (Marketing, Networking): Henry Guevara

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North Texas

Dues amounts: $20/year for Regular Members

Meetings occur primarily in Summer and Fall

Current Board of Directors

President: Kevin Bready
Vice President: Lara Stahl
Communications Director: Latha Frye
Education Director: Ronda Dillard

Learn more by visiting our website or contact us at


Houston Texas
Houston, TX
Hilda Wist

Texas Sabine Area
Port Neches, TX
Kimberly Breaux, RN, COHN

San Antonio Texas
Corpus Christi, TX

Current Board Leadership:

President: Dina Ahrens, BSN, RN, COHN-S/CM
President-Elect: Julia Reyes
Secretary: Gloria Jauregui-Lieber
Treasurer: Elba Garcia
Elections Advisory: Elaine Farias
Director of Bylaws: Anna Serratos
Communications: Lupe Dominguez