Fighting the flu is an essential component of supporting the overall health of communities. Flu vaccination reduces the strain on healthcare resources, the healthcare system, and greater clinical infrastructures. One of the most important flu prevention efforts is getting a yearly flu vaccine.

Worksite flu vaccination programs are proven to:

  • demonstrate the employer’s commitment to their employees’ safety, morale, employer-satisfaction, and health (shielding vulnerable workers, family members and customers from serious health outcomes that can lead to hospitalization and possibly death),
  • protect employees, their families, the business, and the public from illness, particularly during the current pandemic when the disease burden is already high,
  • reduce overall employer and employee cost expenditures and productivity losses, which may result from missed time from work for the employee or family member(s) to get vaccinated or seek illness-related diagnostic testing and/or treatment (benefits vary based on employer investment and total number of employees vaccinated), and
  • provide a convenient, safe option for employees, especially those who may be hesitant to seek services within the community due to continued COVID-19 activity.


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