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The American Association of Occupational Health Nurses (AAOHN) provides professional standards of practice, continuing education and networking opportunities for occupational health nurses throughout the United States and abroad. AAOHN’s Corporate Membership program provides membership for groups from up to 10 or more occupational health nurses from any organization or over 50 occupational health nurses. See the pricing chart below.

Providing membership to your employees invests in their success as occupational health nurses. Equip your team with the tools and resources needed to grow their core knowledge and skills to create and sustain healthy work and workplace community environments.

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Features of AAOHN Corporate Membership


  • The more members you have, the greater discount you enjoy on AAOHN membership and products.
  • Corporate members are eligible for group registration discounts for the AAOHN National Conference and other education and networking events.


  • Pay one flat rate and receive a code to pass along to your staff to allow them to join AAOHN for free and, if someone leaves the company or transitions into a new role, easily transfer their membership to another employee.
  • Your institutional privilege in AAOHN’s Learning Management System will allow you to keep track of the education content your employees are consuming.


Proudly display the AAOHN Corporate Member logo on your company’s website to demonstrate your commitment to workplace health and safety.


Your company will be recognized and celebrated as an AAOHN Corporate Member on the AAOHN website and at the AAOHN Annual Conference.

Benefits of Membership For Your Employees 

  • Education: Your employees will be able to attend live monthly webinars and access a digital library of recorded critical practice and professional offerings for continuing nursing education (CNE).
    • And more! Corporate membership will unlock access to the Workplace Violence Prevention Program series, normally $120, for your employees.
  • Connection: Connect your employees with occupational health nurses from around the country for best practices and advice – the Ask It Forum is a discussion board where AAOHN Fellows answer practice questions from members.
  • Information: You and your employees will receive a free subscription and online access to the AAOHN peer-reviewed journal, Workplace Health and Safety, which is published monthly and includes CNE.
    • And even more! You’ll also get a quarterly e-newsletter to keep up-to-date on industry trends and updates from our association.

Fee Structure

Corporate membership rates are tiered based on the number of employees.

Number of Employees Price
Up to 10 members $1,650
Up to 15 members $2,425
Up to 20 members $3,125
Up to 25 members $3,825
Up to 30 members $4,575
Up to 35 members $5,325
Up to 40 members $6,075
Up to 45 members $6,800
Up to 50 members $7,500
50+ members Contact AAOHN

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Additional Resources

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