Corporate Membership

The American Association of Occupational Health Nurses (AAOHN) provides professional standards of practice, continuing education and networking opportunities for nurses throughout the United States and abroad. AAOHN offers corporate membership to organizations that employ occupational health nurses or those interested in occupational health nursing and have more than 10 current and/or potential members. 


Benefits of Corporate Membership

  • Price reduction — The more members you have, the greater the discount on membership rate and products.
  • Ease of joining — The employer will pay one flat rate and employees sign up on the AAOHN website using a discount code that allows them to join.
  • Special offers — Complimentary access to the Workplace Violence Prevention Program webinar series (normally $120 for members).  

Fee Structure

Corporate rates are tiered based on the number of employees.

Number of Employees Price
Up to 10 members $1,550
Up to 15 members $2,275
Up to 20 members $3,000
Up to 25 members $3,725
Up to 30 members $4,450
Up to 35 members $5,175
Up to 40 members $5,900
Up to 45 members $6,625
Up to 50 members $7,350
50+ members Contact AAOHN

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