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AAOHN is pleased to partner with Nurses Service Organization (NSO) as a benefit to our members. NSO is the nation’s largest provider of nurses professional liability insurance and has been supporting its insured members with high quality, A rated (A.M. Best), broad professional liabilty insurance products.

NSO provides a broad package with benefits spanning beyond coverage if named in a medical malpractice suit. In today’s workplace nurses face daily risks when performing routine duties. Whether it relates to record keeping or patient care, complications can arise. In some cases, charges may be completely unmerited or a complaint may be brought to the professional licensing board. NSO provides licensure defense, deposition representation, and damage to property of others. Many of these supplemental coverages are not found in competing products. NSO’s policies are also occurrence-based which means that the policy provides coverage for claims that occur within the policy period regardless of when the claim is brought forth.

Further, NSO’s policies are underwritten by carrier partner of over 30 years, CNA. Due to their extensive long-term relationship, NSO has access to vital educational information pertaining to risk reduction, case studies, and statistics. We have partnered with NSO because we feel that our nursing professionals deserve the best coverage in the business and encourage our members to consider this opportunity.