The American Association of Occupational Health Nurses (AAOHN) is the professional association of licensed nurses engaged in the practice of occupation and environmental health nursing. The major roles and responsibilities of AAOHN are to:

  • Define the scope of practice and set standards for occupation and environmental health nurses. 
  • Develop standards of professional conduct for the occupational and environmental nurse as described in the AAOHN Code of Ethics.
  • Promote the health and safety of work and workplace communities.
  • Promote and provide continuous learning opportunities for occupational and environmental health nurses and professionals offered through the AAOHN Academy.
  • Advance the profession by encouraging and facilitating research.
  • Advocate for occupational and environmental health nursing in business, hospitals, government and other professional areas.
  • Respond to issues critical to the practice of occupational and environmental nursing.

AAOHN serves over 3,200 members located across the United States, US Territories, and the World, with our international membership.  AAOHN is comprised of over 30 chapter organizations that are incorporated agencies under their state regulations. Each chapter has its own by-laws and officers, but follows guidance from AAOHN, nationally. 

The national association has an elected Board of Directors with a President, President-Elect, Secretary and 5 directors. Staff consists of personnel to support finance, the conference, membership, chapters, marketing, education, communications and other specialists that implement the strategic goals established by the Board of Directors. Volunteer member committees drive innovation and services to membership.

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