University of Michigan Virtual Course 

Updates in Occupational Health Nursing: 2024

May 9 - Aug 31, 2024

The Occupational Health Updates course provides the occupational health nurse assessment, intervention and evaluation of common clinical issues encountered in the work setting. Topics will include chest pain, respiratory ailments, head injuries, penetration/foreign body injuries, musculoskeletal strains and sprains, skin lacerations, mental health, thermal injuries, and infectious disease exposure. The program will also include introductory ergonomics principles so the occupational health nurse can identify the work-related risk factors of musculoskeletal disorders and recommend basic workplace changes. 

Format: Virtual Hybrid Course with on demand lectures and virtual live discussion sessions. All discussion session will also be recorded for later on demand viewing

Registration Rates:

Early Bird Rate (through April 15): $400
Regular Rate (April 16-31): $500

Registration is open through August 31, 2024. 

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Hear from Previous Attendees


“This was a great class for myself as I am fairly new to occupational nursing a lot of great advice, and procedures to utilize.”

“I really learned a lot as a new occupational health RN.”

“It is a great refresher to help me enhance my practice. Been a nurse a long time and it is good to return to the basics to do a better job for my employees.”

“Great review. Will definitely advise my co-workers to participate in your classes.”

“Feel much more confident in my job, caring for employees!”

“Great information/refresher for daily occupational medicine use.”

“Gave me much encouragement and ideas to improve our clinic.”

“I wish I had taken this sooner.”

“Excellent. Objectives are well met. Absolutely another excellent training!”

Physical Assessment for the Occupational Health Nurse - Fall 2023

October 12, 2023- December 31, 2023

This course consists of lectures to provide the occupational health nurse with knowledge needed to assess the physical health status of individuals specific to a variety of occupational health settings. Body organs and systems to be covered include: the skin, head, ears, eyes, nose, throat and the respiratory, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and neurological systems. Information related to collecting a medical history, documenting findings and adherence to HIPAA regulations will also be included. 


  • Virtual hybrid course
  • On-Demand lectures released on October 12, 2023
  • Three “Discussion with the Instructor” sessions via Zoom
  • Recorded lectures and notes are hosted in Canvas, a learning management system. Lectures cannot be downloaded. However, the presentation notes can be downloaded.

Registration Rates:

Early Bird Rate (through September 25): $600
Regular Rate: $700

Registration is open through December 31, 2023. 

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Hear from Previous Attendees


“Great information for the occupational health nursing setting.”

“I always love a great review – this was amazing!”

“This was a good review of an overall head to toe assessment.”

“I will start doing more comprehensive assessments.”

“Excellent! Great review. Learned a lot! Great resources!”

“Great information, reviews, updates, and new assessment tips.”

“This was a wonderful seminar I would recommend to any nurse I know. Great info from everyone. I learned a lot of new useful techniques.”

“I am new to occupational nursing. This presentation provided very thorough assessment information that I can use in both my occupational health job and as my ER nursing role, too.”

“Very appropriate to my clinical setting.”

“The presenters gave good information references from textbooks, slides, and personal work experiences.”

“I feel like I have more assessment tools to help me better evaluate employees/patients so that I can more quickly recognize possible referral needs.”

“I can be more confident with the assessments. Excellent info and presentations.”