Annual Reports

All chapters are required to submit a completed annual report. Chapter leadership should complete the form on behalf of their chapter. All chapters should submit their annual reports no later than Friday, March 15

Chapters should submit their banking information using the provided ACH banking form to ensure the National Office has the most up-to-date banking information. Failure to submit your chapter's banking information could cause a delay in your chapter's dues payout.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get an updated list of my chapter members?

Chapter rosters are sent to chapter leaders on a monthly basis as an excel document listing chapter member names, email addresses and mailing addresses. If you are a chapter leader and have not received a chapter roster, please complete the chapter leadership form and email the National Office at to be added to the chapter roster recipient list.

What does "Good Standing" mean?

A chapter is in good standing if it has submitted the chapter annual report, provided updated ACH banking information, and provided the name and contact information for chapter leaders. Chapters that are not in good standing are at risk of disbandment. Please read more information regarding disbandment here.

When will our chapter receive dues payouts?

Chapters must be in good standing to receive dues payouts. Payouts occur twice per year. Dues collected January 1 through June 30 will be paid out no later than July 31. Dues collected July 1 through December 31 will be paid out no later than Janaury 31 the following year. To ensure a timely payout, please confirm the Natinal Office has your chapter's most updated banking information on file. 

Where can I report a change in my chapter banking information?

Please use this chapter ACH banking form to report a change in chapter banking information.

Where can I report a change in my chapter's leadership?

Please use this form to provide the names and contact information of your chapter leaders.

I am interested in starting a chapter. Where should I start?

AAOHN reccomends chapters seek legal counsel regarding the specific steps for incorporation required in the area where your chapter will be. Please use the chapter incorporation steps provided below to assist you in starting a chapter.

Establishing a Chapter

Approval of a New Chapter

Chapter Organization

Chapter Financial Requirements and Tax Exemption Status

Our chapter is considering dissolution. Where should we start?

AAOHN recommends chapters seek legal counsel regarding the specific steps for dissolution required in the area where your chapter is incorporated. Please use the dissolution steps provided here to assist your chapter in the dissolution process.

How can I get in touch with other chapter leaders?

Coming soon! Check back soon for an updated listing of AAOHN's chapter leaders.