Occupational Health Nursing Pulse: The AAOHN Podcast

Occupational Health Nursing Pulse: The AAOHN Podcast provides a deep dive into the hot topics, new trends, best practices, and trending research in occupational health nursing. Featuring interviews with industry experts and current AAOHN members, each episode aims to address best practices in an easy, on-the-go format. The AAOHN Podcast Series will release on a bimonthly schedule. 

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Occupational Health Nursing Pulse: The AAOHN Podcast Host

Jennylynn Balmer, MPA, BSN, RN, CSP, COHN-S, FAAOHN is a current AAOHN Board Director and an occupational health nurse with the Defense Health Agency in the Department of Defense. 

Podcast Episodes

Season 1

Episode 1: We're Talking About Certification with ABOHN 

Episode Description: Do you have questions about certification in occupational health nursing? We did too! The Occupational Health Nursing Pulse sits down with Lucy Carlson, Executive Director of ABOHN, to learn more about the certification programs offered, the COHN/COHN-S certification exam, and the value to professional development for becoming a certified OHN. Join us to learn more.  

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Episode 2: The OHN's Role During COVID

Episode Description: OHNs have played a critical role in their organizations throughout the pandemic, and navigating this brought professional and personal challenges. Join Jennylynn’s conversation with Stephanie Weinsier, DNP, ANP-BC, COHN-S, FAAOHN to discuss her experiences leading a corporate wellness center and in caring for patients in the ER during the COVID pandemic. They’ll talk about vaccine hesitancy in the workplace and other roles that moved to the forefront in occupational health nursing like practicing across state lines to contact tracing to even processing nurse grief.  With crisis there are always steps to move forward with positive changes.  Stephanie touches on one positive, personal influence for change when she began a new nursing journey marrying her population health and medical knowledge. We hope you join the conversation.

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Episode 3: OHNs in the Military

Episode Description: Jennylynn sits down with Brenda Ruhrer, BSN, MPH, COHN-S to discuss her 32 year military nursing career serving in the National Guard. Brenda was Chief Occupational Health Nurse for the National Guard Bureau with oversight and coordination amongst the 54 occupational health nurses. While Brenda has served a dual role being a civilian OHN and serving in the Guard during her career, not every occupational health nurse serves in the military when they may work for a military facility or the department of defense. Some have access for direct care, while others like Brenda performed medical surveillance, safety hazards and industrial hygiene reports. Brenda worked the “flightline” at her facility where aircraft take off and land, with her office located in the hangar the helicopters were stored. She was the only OHN stationed at her facility in her state. She has had a lot of OSHA and DOD training for her role, as well as providing CPR and AED training for military personnel. No routine tasks with this type of nursing role and often a lot of fun, Brenda describes having to perform a noise survey while a helicopter took off as one of her favorite days. Weekend work was focused on medical readiness performing periodic health assessments. Brenda also discusses a deployment overseas as a nurse educator for Afghanistan military medics and a deployment here domestically with COVID-19 in a variety of occupational health/public health roles.

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