Committed to the health, safety and wellness of workers for more than 75 years, AAOHN provides professional standards of practice, continuing education and networking opportunities for nurses throughout the United States and abroad. Learn more about how AAOHN membership can support your career.



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To begin, select the membership type below that is right for you.


This membership is for licensed nurses currently engaged in occupational and environmental health impacting the health and well-being of worker populations. Regular active members shall have all rights and privileges of membership including voting, holding AAOHN office, and serving on AAOHN committees or panels (e.g. Conference Planning Committee).

Group Discounts for Regular Members

A minimum of three individuals is required to qualify for the group discount. The group discount is offered to groups of new members only, or for current members who recruit two or more new members! Each individual in the group pays only $150 for one-year membership; a savings of $20 off the regular individual membership price of $170. Applications must be submitted together with payment to the address on the application, or scanned and emailed to for an electronic invoice. 

Regular Member Quarterly - four payments of $42.50 paid quarterly

A quarterly member enjoys the same benefits as regular members but is set up with quarterly payment. 


Business organizations and hospital systems that employ occupational health nurses or who are interested in occupational health nursing and have over 10 current and/or potential members are eligible for corporate membership.

Contact to apply.


This membership is for the licensed or unlicensed nurse not eligible for active status, but interested in the field of occupational and environmental health and the purposes of AAOHN. Affiliate members have no national voting privileges. Affiliate members may participate in local, state and regional chapters as supported by local, state and regional chapter bylaws.


This membership is for licensed nurses enrolled as a student in a program of study related to occupational and environmental health or an interest in occupational and environmental health. Student Members will not receive print copies of the Workplace Health & Safety Journal.

*New Student Members provide documentation of current enrollment in nursing program with interest in occupational and environmental health or related program to


This membership is for retired individuals from the occupational or environmental health profession. Retired members have voting status in AAOHN, but they cannot hold an elected AAOHN office. Retired members may serve as a committee or panel member.


This membership is for licensed nurses currently engaged in occupational and environmental health impacting the health and well-being of worker populations, who are citizens of/reside in a country besides the US, US Territories, and Canada. International members have no national voting privileges but may serve as a committee or panel member.



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  5. Follow the prompts to purchase your membership and proceed to check out. You may provide payment by credit card or select the pay later option to pay by check. If you elect to pay by check, you will not receive full benefits until your membership is approved.
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