February 2022 NEWSLETTER

A Message From the Board

Hello to all,

It has been a month of very highs and very lows. My personal highest high was the opportunity to come back home to Pittsburgh for our first in-person conference in three years.

My personal lowest low was I am no longer coming back home to Pittsburgh for an in-person conference. The organization is imitating busy little bees switching all that great educational content to a virtual conference format. The AAOHN National Conference Virtual Event will be hosted on the same platform as last year, and we will be making some adjustments to meet your needs more completely thanks in part to your excellent feedback.

Speaking of feedback, thank you to everyone who completed the 2021 member needs survey regarding the satisfaction, value, and needs you have as AAOHN members. The AAOHN Board of Directors and staff will review this data in more detail and use it to drive decisions on creating new products, services, and tools that continue to enhance the value of your membership. The majority of members are satisfied with membership, plan to renew, and are likely to recommend membership to a colleague.

We also heard in the survey that you are looking for more:

  • Access to best practices and trends of what others are doing
  • Professional development through online, on-demand content
  • Access to scientific research and findings

The survey indicated our educational offerings monthly webinars, the AAOHN Academy Online Education Center, as well as the Position Statements, are of great value to the member–this was verified when examining the number of members who take part in these free CNE offerings.

AAOHN was encouraged to continue to offer leadership and business-related training such as how to manage a team, how to prepare and administer a budget, how to interpret management data, etc. To this end, in the future AAOHN will offer a leadership one-day educational opportunity.

You as members advised AAOHN of the need for a COHN/COHN-S Certification Review Course and need to offer this both online and in-person–AAOHN was going to meet this request in Pittsburgh but we know what happened–but AAOHN has developed a complete online review course with practice test questions.

I am excited about these additional offerings and the ability of AAOHN to turn the National Conference from an in-person event to a virtual conference that will offer 35.5 CNEs covering a lot of the topics you asked for last year.

So even though I cannot say “see you soon,” I can say thank you for supporting your professional organization and hope we are meeting your needs. If not please let us know, we take your suggestions/opinions/thoughts, etc., to heart and try to make AAOHN an organization that members support and find beneficial.

Yolanda C. Lang, Ph.D., MSN, CRNP, COHN, FAAOHN

AAOHN President-Elect


2022 National Conference Registration Open

Register now for the 2022 National Conference Virtual Event taking place June 8-9. The AAOHN National Conference will still deliver the high-quality continuing education you’ve come to expect from AAOHN, including the opportunity to earn 35.5 CNE–even more CNE than the in-person event! The schedule of sessions being crafted covers a wide breadth of timely topics to meet the continuing education needs of all attendees.

Register by Tuesday, March 15 to receive the best rates.

If you have questions about the transition to a virtual conference, please reach out to


From the AAOHN Foundation

I am disappointed that we find ourselves in this situation again, but I support the AAOHN Board of Directors in the difficult decision to hold this year’s conference virtually in June.

Please remember, taking time to focus on your emotional health and wellbeing will aid in restoring resilience from our own unique response to this pandemic.

I put out this challenge to all members of AAOHN: get involved and ask how you can help to strengthen our association, increase membership, promote our organization, and provide support for research and growth of our specialty. To use a sports analogy, this is a rebuilding year and it is crucial to our organization.

We need everyone to engage, advocate, encourage, and contribute time and talents to regain the ground we have lost over these last couple of years.

I want to remind all of you that the AAOHN Foundation depends on the charitable contributions of individuals and organizations for its funding. I implore you to use one of the fundraising strategies below to assist our Foundation in its mission.

  • Enhance your contribution through your employer’s matching gift opportunity.
  • Individually or through your chapter, gather donations in memory or in honor of a beloved colleague.
  • Local, state and regional chapters may make donations at any time.
  • Encourage your company, favorite suppliers, or vendors to make a donation to the Foundation
  • Sponsor a scholarship/grant or become a sponsor of fundraising activity at the national conference.

Remember all donations to the AAOHN Foundation are tax-deductible whether they come from an individual, chapter, or organization. As a 501(c)(3) organization, the Foundation can receive tax-deductible contributions as provided by law. I want to assure you that contributions to the AAOHN Foundation are put to good use by promoting and developing the profession of occupational health nursing through research grants and continuing education scholarships.

Douglas Hoffman MSN, RN, COHN-S, FAAOHN

AAOHN Foundation Trustee

Register for the Annual Business Meeting

The AAOHN Annual Business Meeting will take place virtually, on Friday, February 25 at 3:00 p.m. Central Time. During this meeting, AAOHN leaders will review 2021 accomplishments, the financial health of the organization, and inaugurate the incoming Board of Directors. AAOHN members will also have the opportunity to ask questions during the Q&A portion.

Reserve your spot to attend now.


February Live Webinar

Did you attend February’s live webinar, “Management of Bloodborne Pathogen Exposures: A Quality Improvement Project,” presented by Sarah Hewitt, FNP-BC, COHN-S, FAAOHN? In case you missed it, recordings of live webinars are made available two to three weeks after the broadcast.

Learn more.

Save the Dates For Upcoming Live Webinars

April 28, 2022

Managing a Business with a Dwindling Workforce Due to COVID-19: How a Rural Healthcare Facility Coped
Presented by Bill Thomack, BSN, RN, COHN-S

May 12, 2022

Mitigating Health Risks with International Business Travel Consultations
Presented by Sally Davila, BSN, RN, CDE

June 16, 2022

Nurse Risk Management
Presented by Jennifer Flynn, BSN, RN, CDE

July 21, 2022

Workplace of the Future: Total Workplace Health
Presented by Shanna Dunbar, BSN, RN, COHN-S, CCM
View the 2022 schedule.

Register For the Occupational Health Nursing Update Course

Join AAOHN and the University of Michigan Center for Occupational Health and Safety Engineering online May 11 through August 31, for the Occupational Health Nursing Updates Course. We’ve added more content to the course so you can earn even more CNE; earn up to 17 CNE upon course completion!

This interactive virtual course focuses on the assessment, intervention and evaluation of common problems encountered in the work setting. For additional information or questions regarding the course, visit the course website or contact the University of Michigan at

Learn more.

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Share the Benefits of AAOHN With Your Colleagues

There are several ways to save on AAOHN membership, including:
  • Corporate Membership: Available for organizations that employ occupational health nurses or those interested in occupational health nursing and have more than 10 current and/or potential members. 
  • Group Discounts: Offered to groups of new members only, or for current members who recruit two or more new members! A minimum of three individuals is required to qualify for the group discount.

New Members in January

Read the full new member list below to congratulate our new members.

Dania Abu-Alhaija
Joy Albrycht
Deborah Aylard
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Lena Boa
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