2022-2023 Election

Electing highly qualified, engaged, skilled, enthusiastic members to serve on the AAOHN Board of Directors is critical to our association's continued success, growth, and development. However, simply encompassing these attributes is not the sole consideration that the Election Committee utilizes when seeking candidates for election to the Board of Directors. Other considerations include: 

  • Dedication to the values, mission, and vision of the organization
  • Courtesy, honesty, and integrity
  • Candid dialogue
  • Behaving as a team player and participating in the group that is the board
  • Expressing individual opinions and perspectives balanced with supporting group decisions
  • Asking difficult questions without being overzealous
  • Being comfortable with diversity and agreeing to disagree
  • Accepting that disagreement and conflict are part of doing the organization’s business well and working with colleagues to resolve differences
  • Bringing issues to the boardroom and discouraging behind-the-scenes conversation that creates divisiveness

Your Vote is Your Voice

Elections are the foundation and sign of a strong organization. It takes an active and engaged membership to ensure board representation and leadership to respond to member concerns. As such, AAOHN maintains periodic elections according to bylaws, has an active Election Committee to assure viable candidates for all open positions on the AAOHN Board of Directors and open elections to all qualified members to maintain a strong and diverse Board.

Thank you for your participation in this election cycle! Results will be available soon.