A Message From the Board

Hello AAOHN! Welcome to Summer!

I don’t know about you all but it’s HOT here in North Carolina. OSHA has new heat-related illness and injury protocols coming; please check them out and keep your clients safe. It’s going to be a team effort; work with your human resources and safety leaders to provide the best solutions for your workplaces. 

Our AAOHN National Conference Virtual Event was a huge success earlier this month, and anyone who registered can still view on-demand sessions through September 9, 2022, to receive CNE. Registration will be open until August 26, for anyone who missed the live event and is interested in the on-demand content.

AAOHN will also be hosting an in-person COHN/COHN-S review course in Chicago, IL this fall on September 14-15. This two-day workshop will cover major components of occupational health nursing to prepare for the certification exam, following the updated 2020 ABOHN exam blueprint. Anyone who is interested can register on the AAOHN website.

Make sure you get the newest edition of Fundamentals of Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing: AAOHN Core Curriculum 5th Edition, on sale at the AAOHN website. It’s a must-have for nurses who are new to occupational health and a great resource for those of us who have been around a while.

Have a great summer; stay cool and healthy!

Best wishes,

Jill M. Simons, MPH, RN, COHN-S


Access the National Conference On-Demand

If you missed the National Conference it's not too late to join the virtual conference experience and earn up to 35.5 CNEs! Register now for immediate access to the virtual platform, VFairs. Review the session details for everything available on-demand until September 9, 2022.

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2023 Call for Abstracts

AAOHN is now accepting abstracts for the 2023 AAOHN National Conference, which will be held March 13-15, 2023, in San Antonio, Texas. We welcome occupational health nurses and others in the occupational health nursing specialty to share their research, best practices, and highlight our profession's unique opportunities.

Submit your session or poster abstracts for the chance to participate in the 2023 National Conference. The call for sessions will remain open through August 12, and for posters through August 26.

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From the AAOHN Foundation

June is a great month for AAOHN Members to get outside; summer is a great occasion to make time to take care of the environment, appreciate all that the environment offers us, and take time out for ourselves!

The simple idea of practicing summer rituals is enjoying a glass of lemonade or tea with a friend or colleague, watching the sun set or rise, or taking a much-needed vacation to visit with family. It is also a great time to be active and rediscover your youth! Take a jump in the pool, ride a bike (or teach someone else to ride a bike), go fishing, or take a walk in the park or on the beach. These rituals aren’t difficult, and they do heal us—evoking feelings and memories that we all keep inside, giving us the opportunity to share our experiences with others.

Rituals that foster our professional development and advance our profession are also participating in the annual AAOHN National Conference. It is a great occasion to make time to network with others, share our expertise and experiences, rediscover our excitement for the profession, heal collectively, and share memories of the foundations of our profession and organization. This community is a special one, which has been evolving for nearly 8 decades. The Foundation has been going strong for 25 years, raising funds, networking, and collaborating to further the profession and protect the health and safety of workers by ensuring that education, scholarship, leadership, and research continue to develop.

I hope you will take time during the virtual conference to check out all that the Foundation offers. Recognize and congratulate our Scholarship, Grant and Professional Development recipients who are doing amazing things to advance knowledge, research and clinical practice, or find a way to get involved by networking with us, expressing interest in serving as a trustee, participating in one of our fundraising activities or making a contribution, joining the AAOHN Fellows Leadership Circle, or simply spreading the word about opportunities to support the Foundation.

We were so proud and honored to host a very special AAOHN Foundation Session at the 2022 National AAOHN Conference, which you can watch On-Demand. We consider it a privilege to take care of all of you, our AAOHN Members, as you continue to dedicate your lives and careers to caring for America’s workers and keeping America’s businesses open and safe! This session is truly dedicated to you and taking care of YOU. Featuring Jennifer Fields, a specialist in grief and trauma, this session will offer restorative techniques and relaxation activities to help you overcome caregiver fatigue and burnout. We look forward to connecting with you and hope you will continue to stay connected with the AAOHN Foundation.

Stephanie Weinsier, DNP, ANP-BC, COHN-S, FAAOHN

AAOHN Foundation Chair

Premise Health

2022-2023 Call for AAOHN Leadership Nominations

AAOHN is accepting nominations for AAOHN leadership. To nominate yourself or a colleague, complete the Nomination Form and email it to Melissa Van Fleteren by August 1, 2022.

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AAOHN is seeking nominees for the following positions. Click on a position below to read the description.


New COHN/COHN-S Certification Practice Test

Prepare for the COHN/COHN-S certification exam while earning 5 CNE with the new AAOHN COHN/COHN-S Certification Practice Test.

With over 400 practice test questions, the COHN/COHN-S Certification Practice Test is a go-to study guide. The practice test bank follows the 2020 American Board of Occupation Health Nurses (ABOHN) exam content and will become your blueprint for certification success.

Access the Practice Test

Join Us For COHN/COHN-S Prep In-Person

This fall, the AAOHN COHN/COHN-S in-person review course returns! Join us in Chicago, September 14-15, for a two-day COHN/COHN-S workshop. This hands-on workshop will cover the major components of occupational health nursing and help prepare you for the ABOHN certification exam.


Respiratory Protection Program for the Program Administrator

Respiratory protection is one of OSHA’s top 10 serious violations. If you are responsible for leading, or a member of, your organization’s Respiratory Protection Program, than this free updated training is for you! This training provides not only instruction about the required program elements, but also trains on how to lead the implementation of these elements using a team approach.

This free four-hour, self-paced online course includes a combination of interactive training modules and supplemental respiratory protection resources based on OSHA’s Respiratory Protection Standard, including recently updated information pertaining to COVID-19 exposures. Earn up to 5 CNEs upon completion.

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Now Shipping the AAOHN Core Curriculum 5th Edition


AAOHN is excited to announce Fundamentals of Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing: AAOHN Core Curriculum 5th Edition is available for purchase. Members receive a discounted price of $225; non-members can order for $275.

New and experienced occupational health nurses will find the AAOHN Core Curriculum an essential resource. This valuable text provides a comprehensive overview of the OHN practice, edition updates, and expands common core knowledge. Whether you are studying for a certification exam, brushing up on updates in the practice, or new to the occupational health nursing specialty, this resource has something for you.

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Mark Your Calendars for Upcoming Live Webinars

Grow your knowledge and earn free CNE by attending the AAOHN Workplace and Wellness Safety Webinar series. Live webinars are available to members for free, and available to non-members for $20 per webinar.

July 21, 2022

Workplace of the Future: Total Workplace Health
Presented by Shanna Dunbar, BSN, RN, COHN-S, CCM

August 25, 2022

Common Work-Related Injuries of the Upper Extremities
Presented by Stephanie Hammond, DNP, CRNP, COHN-S

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